The first poppies

At last, at last, the grey clouds are leaving, blown away by the wind and the sun is shining again in my little Andalusian corner. This morning I noticed the first poppies blooming and picked up some...but once put in a glass on my desk.....pouf...they deflated a bit...this calls for another poppy picking in the field...
Happy week end to you !

Enfin, enfin, le vent disperse les gros nuages gris et le soleil nous sourit un peu ici dans mon petit coin andalou. Ce matin, j'ai repéré les premiers coquelicots et en ai cueilli une poignée...mais une fois mis dans un verre, sur mon bureau...pouf...ils ont commencé à défaillir....vite...partons à la cueillette aux coquelicots....
Très beau week end à vous !

ps : for those who use Blogger what are your views on the new interface ?
I'm curious to know. To tell the truth, just to do this post,
I reverted to the old interface because I wasn't quite sure
how you enlarge pics with the new blogger. I don't find it too user-friendly
do you ?


Joyful said…
Oh I love poppies and your photos of them are so nice!

I've been using the new interface for so long that I've forgotten what the old one looks like. Initially I didn't like it and I switched back to the old one for a short time but I haven't reverted to the old one now for quite some time. I think there are some things that the old blogger interface does better.
Jojo said…
I get so happy when the poppies start to appear. I love how in some places they grace areas along side the road or highway.

Here we are supposed to plant our seeds in November and for some reason I always forget to put my seeds out but I'm know for parking on the side of the road to pick a bouquet.
Colores said…
Poppies is my fav flower, you know why? because it blossoms only when the weather is nice, sunny and warm and it comes out spontaneoulsly!!! love it
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Very important. When you pick poppies you have to singe the stems over a flame for 10 to 15 seconds. They will then last for almost a week in water. If you don't give them this treatment they will droop in a few minutes. Good Luck for when you pick them next time. Happy Sunday. ox Gina
aguja said…
I love poppies. They are so like butterflies in that their span is brief but full of beauty.
I am pleased that the clouds have blown away!
Francisco M. said…
Hola amiga, me alegra poder comprobar que tienes un blog que me parece la pena leerlo por lo distinto que tiene y las cosas que podemos aprender novedosas del mismo.

Sin duda es un articulo como digo, muy original y diferente, algo poco convencional que llama la atencion a primera vista.

Estamos unidos por el cariño a los blogs y compartir emociones, momentos y sentimientos. Felicidades por tu blog y quedo a la espera de un proximo articulo.

Gran artículo,
Francisco M.
How I do love red poppies! Don't see alot of them in the Pacific NW but when we are in Greece, they are plentiful! And I haven't done enough navigating in the new blogger yet to know how it will feel but just the little bit I did for my last post left me wishing for the old one. Nice to know one can revert in times of frustration. Might come in handy.
More red poppies, please!

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