Friday, May 18, 2012

The joy of returning to Andalucia

I will confess you something, as much as I love Paris, after the 5th day I miss Andalucia. If you were here right now and have a walk in our beautiful Lecrin valley, you would smell the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms. It's nearly 8pm as I write this post and all I can hear from my little desk is the singing of the birds outside. The heat suddenly came upon us but no, I won't complain. Walking barefoot on the ceramic tiles at home is such a pleasure. This is my favorite time here in Andalucia. I'm so grateful for this lovely weather, the nature which surrounds us, the lemons which are very slowly growing in my patio and our first night last week on the roof terrace under a starry sky.
The photo above is the house of our friends Antonia and Jimmy who lovingly converted it into a B&B. They invited us for lunch last week end. Monchéri and I absolutely love this house ! And of course, I must show you much more of it in my next post.....
In the meantime, have a wonderful week end..... xx Lala

J'ai une confidence à vous faire, j'adore Paris mais au bout du 5ème jour, j'ai la nostalgie de l'Andalousie. Si vous étiez ici maintenant et partiez en balade dans notre belle vallée de Lecrin, vous pourriez sentir le délicieux parfum des fleurs d'oranger. Il est presque huit heures du soir au moment où j'écris ce billet et tout ce que j'entends par la fenêtre de mon petit bureau est le chant des oiseaux dehors. La chaleur nous est tombé dessus par surprise, mais je ne vais surtout pas me plaindre. C'est si bon de marcher pieds nus dans la maison, sur les dalles en céramique. C'est mon temps préféré, ici....Je suis tellement reconnaissante pour ce temps merveilleux, la nature qui nous entoure, mes citrons qui commencent tout doucement à pousser dans le patio et notre première nuit étoilée sur la terrasse sur le toit.
La photo ci-dessus est la maison de nos amis Antonia et Jimmy qui l'ont transformée avec amour en B&B. Ils nous ont invités à déjeuner le week end dernier. Monchéri et moi adorons cette maison ! Et bien sûr, je vous en montrerai plus dans mon prochain billet....
mais d'ici là, passez un merveilleux week end..... xx Lala


Joyful said...

It sounds wonderful where you live. I love nature and I love the city. So in my little world I like to be close to trees and flowers and hear the birds. I'm blessed to have that and also a lovely view of mountains. I've just come from a long road trip in nature. See some of my photos on my latest blog post. Hugs and have a wonderful weekend.

helen tilston said...

This place is heavenly and I love the big sky. I will be looking forward to seeing images.

Have a wonderful stay and enjoy the weekend immensely

Helen xx

Sara said...

What a beautiful house! Can't wait to see more. In the meantime, enjoy your lovely Andalucian weather and your bare feet on the tile floors. To breath in orange-blossom scented air would truly be heavenly.

David Engel said...

Hi Lala,

Reading My Castle in Spain always makes me swoon! I wish I could walk barefoot across the ceramic tiles with you, the sweet intoxicating smell of orange blossoms all around us. Maybe one day.

Much love to you,


miss b said...
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miss b said...

What a beautiful house! It looks so calm and relaxing there!
PS Sorry I copied an incorrect blog address in my previous comment.

Tony morewood said...

I was introduced to your work today by a Facebook buddy. You have made my day. (The clothes are lovely too.)

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