At last a bit of good news and a little note on the Spanish emergency service

My dear readers and blogging friends, at last I can announce you some good news about Monchéri who has now nearly completely recovered from what seems to be a serious anxiety attack. After having done more exams, taken X rays which do not show anything wrong, and a normal electrocardiogram, we are now left with this last option and we both agree that it's a very plausible one. It took Monchéri 3 days to feel better again, he obviously needed a rest. The pain in his chest has gradually disappeared and this morning he even felt in good form to go to the until now, this is good news.....

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for all your lovely wishes and comforting words in the comments and the emails. It really helped me not to feel completely disorientated. I read very carefully all your suggestions and indications.

Someone in the comments in my last post mentioned the non responsiveness of the Spanish emergency health care. Last week end at a dinner with Spanish and English friends, as I was talking about my freaky experience, everybody was horrified at the very cool attitude of the person I was talking to. When I called the first time, obviously in a panic, I really thought they would send someone over but I was wrong ! Instead, we had to make a huge effort to get to the emergency center outside the village which fortunately is not too far. And the thing was Monchéri was unable to stand...after a while, the emergency service called back asking if we were ok. And of course, I had to tell the woman on the phone : pues, estamos ok ! (no, we're not ok) and again I asked her, if please can they send a which she answered a bit embarrassed, that the emergency service was quite saturated and also that young people should be able to make an effort....what ?...she also asked me to put Monchéri over the phone to check if he could speak again. Yes he could talk but he just couln't stand ! Retrospectively, I find the whole scene quite funny but believe me, on the moment I was completely at a loss.

So what is it to think about that ? Until now, my experience with the Spanish health care has been really great. When I had my big operation a few years ago, my parents insisted I should go back to France to do it but I had it done in Granada and frankly was totally satisfied and even grateful to my gynecologist and the surgeon who performed the operation.

I do understand the emergency service cannot send an ambulance all the time and that we actually didn't need it in the end...but if it had been something more serious ?

Also, to the lovely people who write me about changing life and coming to Spain, please make sure you learn Spanish because it's in this kind of situation that you badly need it !

Did you have any similar experience in your own country ? I'd love to hear it.....

I send you much love from our sunny Andalucia and will come back very soon with a due post on a very special lavender field....I've missed you and missed blogging too !
x Lala


It would be much different in the United States. Here our 911 (emergency) system responds to every call within minutes. Last year I experienced a condition that caused me to pass out. It only lasted a few seconds, but when it was over I was very dizzy and confused. Within 15 minutes, there were two emergency vehicles present with 5 emergency responders. 15 minutes later I was at one of our local hospitals 15 miles away. Within 30 minutes I was being prepped for Xrays and on a heart monitor (the condition I experienced could cause muscle spasms so they were concerned with the heart). Yes the system here is expensive, but I would not trade this kind of response for anything. Glad to hear he is doing better.
Spangle said…
'Also, to the lovely people who write me about changing life and coming to Spain, please make sure you learn Spanish because it's in this kind of situation that you badly need it !'

Yes I totally agree with you on this part of your post! My parents have been taken to hospital in an emergency since living in Spain and because of our (not perfect) knowledge of Spanish, it made the experience slightly less traumatic. Thank goodness for the Spanish lessons!

I'm glad to hear that Moncheri is improving.
Elizabeth said…
Dear Lala,
What a frightening experience for you all.
I'm so glad that Moncherie is doing a little better.
How worried you must have been.
I think European health care is much much better than here in the United States -- not to mention much much more expensive. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with it.
So sorry I haven't been in touch lately.
Sending much love to you both.
Joyful said…
Hello dear Lala, I'm so glad to your your cherie is doing a bit better. I hope he is back to normal very soon!
As for our emergency care, it is quite good here. If you call an ambulance it will come very soon. However once you get to the emergency at the hospital they will likely make you wait as they prioritize. If someone is having what they think is a heart attack or anaphylactic shock, they will likely seen you first. Hugs. xx
Gina said…
Dear Lala, It is wonderful to hear that Moncheri is doing a little better. I hope that he continues to improve. Anxiety attacks are dreadful. There is medicine that helps. I hope his doctors have given him the correct diagnosis. Love, Gina
Francesca Muir said…
Welcome back Lala - I've been worried about you both - Great news indeed and health and strength to you and yours from Sydney xx
Linda Sue said…
At last, I can breath. Whew! So glad he is on the mend. Here in the states Emergency is prompt and helpful, better than when they finally take you to the hospital and that is where it gets ugly.EMT's are fabulous.
Sweet Lala, I am relieved to hear that your cheri is better and that you all survived the scare! Thinking of you both...

Delphine said…
Salut Lala,

Moi aussi, il y a environ 5 ans, j'ai fait, d'un coup, sans prévenir, une grave et inattendue crise d'angoisse, et il a fallut appeler les secours. Ces crises se sont succédé puis atténuées au bout de quelques semaines et sont reparties aussi soudainement qu'elles étaient arrivées. Ne t'inquiètes pas, ton chéri sera sur pieds dans quelques jours ! bises.
Francesca Muir said…
Hi LaLa I have just posted my Capture the Colour post for a competition and I have nominated you as well. Hope you have time to participate. Have a lovely, healthy weekend. F xx
daizie said…
Dear Lala,
This same thing happened to my boy too, a few years ago he woke in the night shaking and having a kind of fit, I was also terrified, and it turned out to be an anxiety attack after the death of his father, at the time it was so frightening, and it amazes me what the body can do in reaction to stress, hope that you are both resting and taking it easy in the heat,

Mélanie A. said…
Je viens juste de lire que ton chéri a eu quelques problemes. j'espère que maintenant tout est rentré dans l'ordre et je suis sure que tu as bien pris soin de lui .
Pour ce qui est des Urgences, il y a parfois des expériences très difficiles en France , aussi.
Barbara said…
I am happy that monchéri is better!! Loved to hear from the Lavender field and the trip to Morocco, what a good idea! xox

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