Essaouira.....just the name always made me dream
Eassouira means « the well designed city »
Essaouira lies on the Atlantic coast of Morocco
and this is where I will be heading this afternoon with Monchéri.....

I promise you to take myriads of pictures....See you next week ! xLala

Essaouira....son nom m'a toujours fait rêvé
Essaouira...signifie « la bien dessinée »
Essaouira est sur la côte Atlantique au Maroc
et c'est là que nous allons, Monchéri et moi, cet après-midi....

Je vous promets de revenir avec des myriades d'images....
À la semaine prochaine ! xLala


A well designed city - how lovely!
Elizabeth said…
So very thrilling!
I'm so envious. You must take lots and lots of pictures, dear Lala.
We always stay at Riad al Madina near the center of town but villa Maroc is lovely too.
There is a super Breton crepe place that you should try.

If you have a car, drive 25 km north along the coast to
MOULAY BOUZERKTOUN a tiny village with a beach.
I promise you it is magic.

If you go south of Essouira there is a pretty good beach at Sidi Khouki.

Please enjoy it madly for me.
Linda Sue said…
One of my most favorite towns! I spent three weeks in that town alone, I loved it so much! The food is GREAT! the pastries are so lovely and of course the tea! I have envy, Have a glorious time!
Alba said…
Bon séjour.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, First, I am so happy to hear that Moncheri is well enough to go traveling. Have always wanted to go to time. In the meantime I'm looking forward to seeing your next post and hopefully, lots of pictures of this wonderful city.
Karolina said…
I was just in Spain in La Coruña and Santiago de compstella. It was beautiful ! Check out my photographs at
aguja said…
Sounds idyllic to me ... enjoy yourselves! Look forward to the photos.
Anonymous said…
How exciting! I can't wait to see your photos of your vacation. Have fun in the sun!

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