Calor...calor or how to fight the heatwave in Andalusia

How to fight the heat in a humble Andalusian village house with
NO garden and NO pool ?

well....that's simple I don't even try ! I just have to let go and indulge
in more Andalusian laziness.....

The first fun thing I did with Monchéri was to transform the patio
into a provisional bedroom which will disappear this week end
as we have friends staying over next week
and of course we can't really receive them in bed, can we ?

The next thing in the morning is... oh dear...what to wear because these days
I find any clothing too sticky even a bathing suit....
so I'm just wearing a petticoat (not too sure it's the right word) as a mini dress...
that surely helps to keep cool.....

The other thing I discovered here in Spain which helps you to keep cool
is powder talc. I never used it in France. I might be wrong but I've got the
feeling Spanish people use it a lot as an antiperspirant....
Anyway, it helps me avoiding having sticky fingers when I make my necklaces.

About noon, when the temperature is too high to do anything,
the best thing is to drop everything and make a refreshing juice....

This is my favorite ever this summer : pink grapefruit and lemon.
You just need the juice of the fruit and blend with sugarcane
with lots of ice cubes.....a bit more coolness assured !

It's also the best hour to lie down in the patio and leaf through a deco magazine
like Côté Sud just for the pleasure of dreaming of wonderful summer spaces....

In the afternoon, after the siesta, a walk near the rio
at the end of the village
is wonderfully cool too

Or we can also drive to Lanjaron, the balneary station nearby
and spend a cool afternoon in the woods there

These days, cooking has been reduced to a very minimal expression....

Monchéri makes spaguetti with tuna and I make a lot of ratatouille....
and no cakes !

In the evening, we enjoy being on the roof terrace

and I make the last culinary effort of the day....

These days, I prepare a lot, granizado de sandia....watermelon granité
granité de pastèque

so simple and might want to try it....

you just need watermelon and sugar.

slice approx. half a watermelon into dice.
mix it and add 2 spoons of sugar.
pour the mixture in a large flat recipient.
put it in the freezer.
after 1h or 1 h and 1/2, take the recipient out of the freezer
and rake the mixture into flakes.
put back in the freezer and repeat the operation 2 more times.
serve in glasses.

you can also add some mint leaves

Have a cool, relaxing week end !

pics : my castle in spain

ps : I've just realized I've forgotten to write my post
in French as usual....
oh la la...c'est la chaleur !


Kim Grey said…
Your home looks so comfy and beautiful! Like the perfect place to relax. I will keep your tips in mind, to beat the heat--because it will be summer soon here in Australia, and it will be very hot!
Pearl said…
I will definitely be trying the watermelon drink because I love watermelon. Oh you make everything look so romantic, a bed on the porch is something I would love to have. And your roof top is shear heaven it would serve as my favorite pass time "sleeping". You are right to call what your wearing as a petticoat, cotton is very cooling. What a treat to see your home! Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Pearl
Elizabeth said…
Wonderful ways to beat the heat!
So pretty too!
Blondie said…
Miss Lala you guys must not have air conditioning to keep you cool?
Everything in your home looks so romantic and lovely!!

Anonymous said…
What lovely ideas for enjoying/avoiding the heat of summer! I especially love your patio bed and evening watermelon granite. I make a similar one that adds chopped rosemary leaves to the sweet ices. So refreshing!

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