Andalusia : snippets of a colored life

Do you think of days in terms of color ? Sometimes, I do...and lately, I paid attention to all the
red details I come across...among other things.

Granadas, prunes (which are delicious in a clafoutis),
tomatoes favorite food this summer

On saturday, I made a patchwork bag with beautiful French linens
with touches of red too

On sunday, I escaped to the beach to write down some notes and ideas
and discovered that the sound of the sea helps me to work more efficiently

On monday, I skipped exercising and remembered this quote by Oscar Wilde
« I often take exercise. Why only yesterday I had breakfast in bed. »

Today, I said goobye to a dear friend who is going back to Australia's so hard to part with friends....
honestly I've got the feeling a part of me is deserting me

And then life goes on
and.... tomorrow we're having the first rehearsal for my fashion show !

I'm so excited about it
and can't wait to tell you more

The only thing I can tell you right now
is that it's lot of fun

Happy week  to you !

ps : thanks to blogging friend Gina, I could make this collage 
via it...


Theresa Cheek said…
LOL! GIna taught me about picmonkey too! Your collage is beautiful.
Francesca Muir said…
Wow what a magnificent collage - Love the colours. You have been busy! Good luck with your rehearsals - looking forward to hearing and seeing more. Have a lovely day F xx
Suerte mañana, que tengas un colorido día :)
Anonymous said…
love your touches of red ... good luck with the show.
picmonkey looks very cool.
Ah, such a painterly collage and how talented is your lovely blogfriend, too;-) xx
Gina said…
Dear Lala, While I was off to
Paris you taught yourself how to make beautiful collages with PicMonkey. And a pretty one it is.
Wish I could come to your fashion show. ox, gina
Barbara said…
love this collage. To escape to the beach at this part of the year sounds just lovely.

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