Andalusia : a tale of softness and slowness

 This morning, I was at my friend's Cecilia workshop to work on some jeans aprons.

And look...who was outside strolling on the road

stopping at the fountain...for the mid day break....

that's what I love about Andalusia : 
softness and slowness when you don't expect it

Ce matin, j'étais dans l'atelier de mon amie Cecilia pour
faire des tabliers en jean.

Et...qui se baladait sur  la route ?

faisant une petite pause à la fontaine....

c'est ce que j'aime en Andalousie :

des moments de douceur et de lenteur
quand on ne s'y attend pas

I made friends with Moises the shepherd  (yes...that's his real name)

One the last ones...

He told me,  now I just do it for pleasure, but yes I'm definitely
one the last ones

sad but sweet....

Je suis devenue amie avec  Moïse le berger
(oui...c'est son vrai prénom)

L'un des derniers....

Il m'a dit, maintenant je fais ça par plaisir seulement
mais oui, je suis sûrement un des serniers

triste mais beau....


How charming! We raised sheep when I was younger and still at home. Pictures like these always get my attention.
What a photo you stumbled upon Lala! So sweet and beautiful, no wonder you love your home. xx
Sara said…
His sheep look very clean and well cared for. I'm thinking they may have recently been sheared....what beautiful photos.
Nell said…
que potente! la primera foto me gusta un monton!
Blondie said…
What beautiful sheep! I want to pet them!!
Que maravilla de fotos Lala!
Siempre he pensado que los pastores han de ser personas sabias...
Feliz fin de semana y feliz otoño!!
award said…
You're from Spain? It's really cool! I wanna live there. Greetings from Poland! xx
Oooh I adore these photographs!

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