Happy week end to you.....and a sweet thought for my American friends

Just popping in to wish you a good, happy week end.

I had a great day yesterday at the Christmas market at el Rincon, in Nigüelas.
Unfortunately, I'm not doing it today as I had previous engagements

I also have a sweet thought for my American blogging friends and readers
who celebrated Thanksgiving last thursday.

Did I tell you this is the holiday I most envy ?
So happy thanksgiving to you, my dear American friends !

Juste un petit coucou pour vous souhaiter un bon et joyeux week end.

J'ai eu une très bonne journée hier au marché de Noël au Rincon à Nigüelas.
Malheureusement, je ne participe pas aujourd'hui parce que j'avais déjà un autre engagement

J'envoie aussi une douce pensée à mes amis bloggeurs et lecteurs américains
qui ont célébré Thanksgiving jeudi dernier.

Vous-ai je déjà dit que c'est vraiment la fête que je préfère et que j'envie aux Américains?
Alors, Happy Thanksgiving à mes chers amis américains !


Pearl said…
How sweet of you to say so, it is a wonderful holiday. I may not post much but I check in with you always. I love your clothes and all the sites to see. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Pearl
Nenad Ciric said…
Hey, what about Canadian?
Blondie said…
Thank you sweet Lala for the Thanksgiving wishes!
Your pics are always so beautiful!
Pearl - Thank you ! and hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving day !

Nenad - oh...but is Thanksgiving also celebrated in Canada ? I didn't know !

Lisa - I trust you had a wonderful time for Thanksgiving :-) Thank you for your lovely comment.
Nenad Ciric said…
We celebrate our Thanksgiving about 3 weeks earlier then in the US. As Canadians we celebrate very similar holidays to the Americans but have different names. One thing we do not share is our Canadian dollar which is now worth more ....for a change

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