Andalusia : my apron fashion show....the video at last !

Do you remember the little fashion show, I had last october ? Well, at long last, here is the video....It last 29 mn so, grab a cup of tea or coffee and hope you enjoy it !
Vous vous souvenez de mon petit défilé en octobre dernier ? Eh bien, voici enfin la vidéo....Elle dure 29 mn alors faites-vous un thé ou un café et j'espère que cela vous plaira !


Sara said…
wow, Lala, that was truly amazing. You are beautiful, and so is your voice. It was so good to hear and see you. I watched every minute of the show and love the music selections. The guys' routine with the suits, briefcases and aprons was really fun!

Your creations are lovely and unique. I hope they go far and are a great success for you.
Dear Sara,
my wish would be that you could come to the next one, this summer ! at least I can share those moments with all my blogging friends like you, who have followed me from the start....THANK YOU xoxo Lala
Sara said…
Thank you, Lala, wish I could be there too!

Love to you and Moncherie for Christmas and the New Year.

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