And I come back....nearly to celebrate spring

Yes, this is the magic of Andalusia, only yesterday it was winter
and now it's as if nature decided let there be spring
and here we are surrounded with beautiful blossoms everywhere

Oui, c'est la magie de l'Andalousie, hier c'était lhiver
et aujourd'hui on dirait que la nature a décidé que voilà le printemps est là
et partout essaiment des arbres en fleurs

If january was grey, february is suddenly more festive
and this year I celebrated the Chandeleur, the French pancake day
with French friends.....lots of pancakes and cider and a delicious orange marmelade
made by my friends Vic and Andrew whom I must tell you about one day on this blog.

Si janvier a été un peu morose, février est soudain plus festif
et cette année j'ai fêté la Chandeleur avec des amis français.....
plein de crêpes et de cidre et une délicieuse marmelade faite par
mes amis Vic et Andrew dont je dois vous parler un jour sur ce blog.

 This week, spring is also on my table with sweet pink carnations
and a lovely card sent to me by my cousin in Paris with a heart-shaped stamp....
oh so lovely....

Cette semaine, le printemps s'invite aussi à ma table avec de jolis oeillets roses
et une adorable carte envoyée par mon cousin à Paris avec un timbre en forme de coeur...
trop mignon....

This morning, I was at the printer's and he laughed when he saw me rush out
to take a pic of the sheep passing by but honestly...can that be helped ?
Those lovely creatures always seem to tell me : hey you....where are you rushing to ?

Ce matin, j'étais chez l'imprimeur et il a  ri quand je suis sortie en précipitation
pour prendre en photo les moutons qui passaient devant sa boutique, mais
franchement, comment peut-on résister ?
Ces mignonnes créatures ont toujours l'air de me dire : et toi...où est-ce que tu cours
comme ça ?

well....I'm rushing to my kitchen to get ready for my Pop up French Pâtisserie this sunday !

eh me précipite vers mes fourneaux pour préparer ma Pop up Pâtisserie ce dimanche !


Joyful said…
Fabulous photos that bring me joy. I love Spring and I especially love Sakura blossoms. Next month (late) is when we get ours. I can't wait ;-)
Oh, and I remember your talented cousin... Why, why, why have I never thought of buying a postage stamp in Paris and mailing myself a letter!

I also celebrated La Chandeleur, thinking of all my friends who were doing the same... crêpes! miam-miam!

Good Morning Lala ... the sun is shining here , but I think it is trying to fool us into thinking it is spring.. Here in the UK people are still experiencing snow ..:-( we have some nasty winds here .. BUT your post has cheered me up .. it all looks fantastic .. lucky to be living in such a lovely country .. I would of come to your POP up Patisserie if I lived near to you :-) xx
And just how gorgeous is the cute stamp :-) ....
Don said…
“Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"”
Robin Williams
Sara said…
Oh I love, love, love that heart-shaped postage stamp!

Beautiful blossoms already in your part of the world. Wow.
Cooking-love said…
Hola Lala,queria decirte que esta mañana hemos estado en Nigüelas,probando tus delicias....todo perfecto...gracias por como nos atendiste y por tener esas manos.Besos¡¡¡
Alba said…
Ta photo m´a captivée, ce matin Lala.
Un vrai bonheur.

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