If you love someone, say it with chocolate....

Tomorrow is Valentine's day....a perfect day to share some chocolate tartlets
with my beloved Monchéri, but also a few friends because honestly,
why should we restrict Valentine's to lovers only ?

So, just for you...here is a delicious chocolate tartlet 
which won't disappoint all of you chocolate lovers around

Demain c'est la Saint Valentin....l'occasion parfaite de partager
des tartelettes au chocolat avec mon chéri adoré mais aussi quelques amis
parce qu'honnêtement, pourquoi réserver la St Valentin seulement aux amoureux ?

Alors, juste pour vous...voici une délicieuse tartelette au chocolat
qui ne décevra pas tous les amoureux du chocolat

 We are still between winter and spring, here in Andalusia.

Nous sommes toujours entre l'hiver et le printemps ici en Andalousie.

 On one side, the orange and lemon groves make you dream of spring
and on the other side, the snow capped sierra reminds you of winter.

D'un côté,les orangers et les citronniers nous font rêver au printemps
et de l'autre côté, la sierra enneigée nous ramène à l'hiver.

Preparing those chocolate tartlets is the perfect antidote to cold and windy weather.
They are filled with a ganache of very dark chocolate and a bit of milk chocolate 
and orange confit at the bottom.....a yummy treat to say I love you....
nearly......very simply....

Préparer ces tartelettes au chocolat est un parfait antidote
au temps froid et venteux. Elles sont garnies d'une ganache au chocolat
noir et au lait, avec du confit d'orange à la base....une petite douceur
pour dire, je t'aime.....presque en toute simplicité....

Here is the recipe which I borrowed from the blog of the luminous Edda, Un Déjeuner de Soleil.
The recipe itself is by French pastry maker Philippe Conticini and Edda adapted it

The only thing I added is the orange confit at the base of the tartlet, which I add onto the
pastry before pouring the chocolate ganache. You can find the recipe here.

Voici la recette que j'ai emprunté à la lumineuse Edda du blog, Un Déjeuner de Soleil.
La recette elle-même est de Philippe Conticini et Edda l'a adaptée.

La seule chose que j'ai ajouté est du confit d'orange à la base de la tartelette avant
de verser la ganache au chocolat. Vous pouvez trouver la recette de la tarte au chocolat
ici et du confit ici.

Chocolate tartlets by Conticini (for 6 persons)
For the pastry :
- 150 g of butter (soft)
- 30 g of almond powder (or hazelnut)
- 90 g of icing sugar
- half of vanilla bean
- 1 egg (medium)
- 2 g of salt
- 250 g of flour

Chocolate ganache
- 170 g of dark chocolate (ideally 70% cacao)
- 30 g of milk chocolate (ideally 40% cacao)
- 150 g of semi skimmed milk
- 150 g of liquid cream
- 1 egg

1. The day before, prepare the pastry: work the butter until it becomes supple and smooth then add the ingredients in the order specified until obtaining a smooth ball of pastry. Cover with transparent film and let it rest in the fridge.

2. The following day, spread the pastry until it is 5 mm thick then place it in a big mold or tartlets molds, making sure it adheres well on the sides.
 Preheat the oven at 170°C and bake the pastry during approx 15 mn (12-13 mn for tartlets). It must become golden. Let it cool.

3. Prepare the ganache. Mix both chocolates and cut them into little pieces. Place them in a bowl. Boil the milk and the cream. Pour in 2 times on the chocolate and stir until the chocolate melts. Then add the egg and mix again. The ganache is then semi liquid. Pour the ganache onto the pastry, nearly until the top. Bake at 150°C during 20 mn (even less). The cream must set but still be wobbling. Let it cool and serve lukewarm.


Mmm, that looks wonderful. You really can't go wrong with chocolate. My Valentine's Day cake has raspberries - not as good as chocolate, but still nice ;-) I'll post it tomorrow ;-)

I hope you and chéri have a beautiful Valentine's Day. <3

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