Just a quick hello

My dear readers,

This is a just quick hello to say that I´ve just realized I can´t access blogger or my mail or anything
since this morning. I know that Google had some downtime yesterday and today...well today...I was so eager to blog, to show you pics of my little Chandeleur celebration last week end, of the fiesta
in my village.....and oh well, it will have to wait....Hopefully, the problem will be solved this afternoon.

So see you very soon !

Mes chers lecteurs,

Juste un petit bonjour en passant pour dire que depuis ce matin je n'arrive ni à me connecter sur
mon blog, mon courrier, ou rien du tout. Je sais que Google a été mis hors service hier et ce matin,
j'avais tellement envie de vous montrer les photos de ma petite célébration de la Chandeleur
le week end dernier, de la fête dans mon village.....bon.... ma foi, je dois attendre....en espérant que le problème sera résolu cet après-midi.


my computer is being checked at the computer's workshop but they don't know why I've got this problem. Is there any computer wizard around who would have an idea ? Apparently, it's not an Internet problem since I'm using Monchéri's laptop right now and can access any page from his. The problem is on my computer, I can use Yahoo messenger but can't connect to any page, hotmail, blogger, anything....Does anybody have a clue ? THANKS !!!


Agus said…
La espera se hace larga...
Joyful said…
So sorry you are having problems dear Lala. I wish I could help you but I have no clue. xx
I hope you come back soon. Can't wait to see the pics! :-)

Greetings from London.

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