Lemons, you said ?......

Last week end, I had a conversation on the phone with my cousin in Paris which went like this.

He : So what is growing at the moment ?

Me : What you mean ?

Le week end dernier, mon cousin qui habite Paris m'appelle au téléphone.
On parle de tout et de rien et puis il me demande.

Lui : Alors qu'est-ce qui pousse en ce moment ?

Moi : Comment ça  ?

He : Well...in the countryside....are there any fruit or is it just winter ?

Me : Oh...of course it's winter here too, but yes we have lemons, oranges, err.. let me think....

He : No ??...you mean, right now you can pick up oranges and lemons ?

Me : Well....yes !!

Lui :  Ben oui...dans la campagne, il y a des fruits en ce moment ou c'est juste l'hiver ?

Moi : Oh...bien sûr c'est l'hiver ici aussi, mais on a des citrons, des oranges...voyons voir...

Lui : Non ??...tu veux dire que là maintenant, on peut cueillir des oranges et des citrons ?

Moi : Ben...oui !!

For one minute, I was almost doubtful if there were really any fruit at all, rignt now in
the orchards after the snow, we had (just one day) so yesterday I grabbed my camera
and drove to Melegis.

Pour un peu, je commençai aussi à douter de ce que j'avançais, que oui, effectivement,
en ce moment même, dans les vergers, les citronniers et les orangers portent des fruits.
Malgré la neige (juste un jour)...alors hier, j'ai pris mon appareil photo et suis allée à

It was such a pleasant day, bright and sunny and today, alas, it's grey and rainy.

But never mind, yesterday, I could pick up some wild rosemary in the countryside
which will brighten my kitchen during those rainy days.

Cétait une belle journée ensoleillée et aujourd'hui, tristement, il pleut.

Mais, ça ne fait rien, hier j'ai pu cueillir du romarin sauvage dans la campagne
pour faire plaisir à ma cuisine durant ces jours de pluie.


Rosemary said…
How lovely Lala - I would love to be able to go out into the garden and pick fresh lemons and oranges.
GretchenJoanna said…
I love the way God has provided all these bright yellow fruits like drops of sunshine just when we think we can't take any more winter! I grew up in a citrus grove, and picked (sort of gleaned) lemons during spring vacation, and often feel quite sorry for myself to have left that setting behind with my childhood.
Alba said…
Merci de ces belles photos qui nous "donnent chaud au coeur"
Sara said…
The sight of those beautiful yellow and orange citrus among the green leaves is lovely. This got me to wondering, what would happen if you used lemons to make a cake like that wonderful orange cake of yours that I made one year? Have you ever tried it with lemons?
Spangle said…
Lovely post, spring seems to have finally started to make an appearance!

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