Busy baking

Just a quick hello from my kitchen where I was testing a pear & chocolate tart

Yes, it's a jolly good pair !

Happy and cool week end to you
 and if you're happen to be in the area
come and visit us at the POp Up Pâtisserie !

Un petit bonjour très rapide du fin fond de ma cuisine
où j'ai fait des essais de tartelette aux poires et chocolat

Oui, c'est un beau mariage !

Bon et beau week end à vous
et si vous êtes dans les parages
venez nous voir à la POp Up Pâtisserie !


Relyn Lawson said…
Hello, my darling friend. I've been away so long. I had not visited blogs in a while, but tonight I decided to check in on old friends. It is good to see you as happy and gorgeous and creative as ever. Sending you much love, dear Lala.
Theresa Cheek said…
This does look vey eye appealing! I hope you did well with them.

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