POP UP French Pâtisserie

I'm busy preparing my next Pop Up French Pâtisserie, for this coming sunday.....

Busy, busy like a little bee but happy baking !

If you are in the area, I'll be pleased to meet you !

Je prépare ma prochaine Pop Up Pâtisserie, pour ce dimanche....

Plein de choses à faire, mais tellement contente de faire de la pâtisserie !

Si vous êtes dans le coin, venez !

read more about the previous Pop Up Pâtisserie here.

pour lire sur les Pop Up Pâtisserie précédentes, c'est ici.


Carole Poirot said…
If I was in the area I'd come to see you and help you baking (not that you need my help), unfortunately I'm too far away... Hope it will be another huge success for you xo
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Always such pretty images...wish I could be there...just once. Wishing you lots of success. ox, Gina

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