Japanese paper love

The first thing I bought in Tokyo is Japanese paper. 
I was completely fascinated by the incredibly beautiful aesthetics
of packaging there and it inspired me to make those cookies boxes
for a shooting announcing the next POP UP Pâtisserie.

I don't know if it's the Spring effect but I'm into various projects
at the moment and I'm not blogging as much as I would want...
but it will come !

La première chose que j'ai acheté à Tokyo c'est du papier japonais.
J'étais complètement fascinée par l'incroyable esthétique du packaging
au Japon. Cela m'a inspiré pour faire ces petites boîtes à sablés
pour un shooting annonçant la prochaine POP UP Pâtisserie.

Je ne sais pas si l'effet du printemps mais en ce moment je suis 
dans plusieurs projets et je ne blogue pas aussi souvent que je le voudrais...
mais ça viendra !


paper bought at Ito-Ya
3-7-1 Ginza, Chūō, Tokyo


Joyful said…
Lovely paper boxes!
Sara said…
Your cookie boxes are delightful, and something I would never throw away when the cookies were gone either. I'd be saving that beautiful paper and trying to think of ways to re-use it. Your home/studio must be full of beautiful scraps and snippets and ribbons and beads . . . I would love a tour of the papers that caught your eye and heart in Tokyo!

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