Happy baking

This week end, there was a heavenly smell of chocolate and lemon
in the kitchen. I was busy preparing an order for this sunday.
Busy..but happy baking....

Ce week end, la cuisine sentait divinement bon le chocolat et le citron.
J'ai préparé une commande pour ce dimanche.
Busy...mais toujours contente de pâtisser !

pic : my castle in spain


Relyn Lawson said…
Oh, dear Lala. I have been away from blogging for ages. Yes, I've posted my weekly poem and list, but that's about it for months and months. I have missed visiting my friends. I have missed connecting. I have missed you. It is so good to come back here and see that you are still savoring the best things in life. Still sharing your heart here. I have missed you, friend.
Spangle said…
These look so good!!

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