Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hiatus and back to paper love

 It's been way too long....I've meant to be on a short break and here I am
after...shall we say...weeks...if not months ? Anyway, winter is nearly gone
now. It's been a very cold one here in Andalusia. We even had snow.

Là je crois que j'ai battu le record...Oui, j'avais prévu une pause brève mais pas
une absence aussi longue ! Enfin, l'hiver est passé. Cette année il a fait un froid
terrible en Andalousie. Nous avons même eu de la neige. 
 The following week I came back from Paris, hate and violence sadly were
in all the headlines. I remember talking to my sister and being tear-eyed.
Like many French people, we grew up with Charlie Hebdo and it felt like losing
family. A few days after, I was asked to make a customized CD cover
for some fine people in South Africa. I wish I could have handed the order in person...

Une semaine après mon retour de Paris, la haine et la violence ont tristement
fait la une des journaux. Je me souviens d'avoir eu ma soeur au téléphone,
en ayant les larmes aux yeux. Comme beaucoup, nous avons grandi avec
Charlie Hebdo et c'était comme perdre un parent. Quelques jours après,
j'ai reçu une commande de boîtier de CD personnalisé pour des gens
chics en Afrique du Sud. J'aurais bien aimé livré la commande en personne...
 Nothing special happened for Valentine's as we don't celebrate it.
Instead we had friends coming over the day after for a grown up tea party.
We started at 5 and ended up at 10.30pm. I love those moments when
everybody is in the kitchen and we all cook an improvised dinner.
It really confirms that food is better when it's happily shared.

 Rien de spécial pour la St Valentin car on ne la célèbre pas.
Mais le jour d'après, nous avons invité des amis à un grand goûter pour adultes.
Nous avons commencé à 17h et teminé à 22h30pm. J'adore ces moments où
tout le monde s'affaire dans la cuisine et on improvise ensemble un dîner à 
la bonne franquette. C'est dans ces moments-là qu'on se dit qu'un repas est
bien meilleur lorsqu'il est partagé dans la joie.
 And then I got a horrible flu, the strongest I've ever had here. Luckily
a friend had brought a huge basket of grapefruit (in the first pic). I've eaten nearly
 half of them which helped me to be on the mend. And after this, without knowing why,
I suddenly felt completely down and was still unable to post on the blog... blues may be ? Anyway, it's gone now. And Spring has arrived which
makes me happy.

Ensuite, une grippe horrible m'a complètement terrassée. Heureusement qu'un copain
avait apporté un énorme panier de pamplemousses (dans la 1ère photo). J'en ai englouti
la moitié, ce qui m'a aidé à récupérer peu à peu. Et puis sans savoir pourquoi, j'ai eu
un gros coup de cafard et n'avais même plus l'envie de bloguer....blues post-hivernal
sans doute ? En tout cas, fini le blues...le printemps nous sourit et rien que ça,
c'est le meilleur des remontants.
A few days ago, I started to design a new collection of notebooks.
This morning I felt so lucky to be able to sketch in the sun, still in my nightgown.
It's the kind of morning which makes me want to say "Thank you life !".
Let me precise...this is not happening every morning...but I wish....

Il y a quelques jours, j'ai commencé à dessiner une nouvelle collection de carnets.
Ce matin, je me disais que j'avais vraiment de la chance de pouvoir
dessiner au soleil, encore en chemise de nuit. C'est le type de matin qui
me donne envie de dire "Merci la vie !".
Je précise quand même que ça n'arrive pas tous les matins...j'aimerais bien pourtant....

Can't wait to see how they will come out once printed.

J'ai hâte de voir comment vont sortir ces couvertures de carnet, une fois imprimées.
 À bientôt ! And thank you so much for being there....
for still being there, should I say...

À bientôt ! Et merci beaucoup pour être là...
pour être encore là, devrais-je dire...


Linda Sue said...

Yes, I have missed you, no sunshine ...I love this post, welcome back, dear Lala! Loving your deigns, they are fabulous!

Joyful said...

Lovely to hear from you Lala. It has been long. But I understand when one gets sick, or when one is cold and tired from long winter nights. Sometimes we just don't feel up to creating or blogging :-) But Spring is rejuvenating. I feel it too after a long hibernation. Your paper designs are very lovely. What will you make with them?

sarah said...

I'm so glad spring is making it's way too! Sounds like a fresh new start to me! I'm glad you are recovering from your flu :)

The notebooks you have designed just look amazing! Can't wait to see them printed too!

My Castle in Spain said...

Thank you Linda ! It's always nice to see you pop in in this little blog :-)xo

Thank you Penny, yes it's been a long time hibernating :-) I will make notebooks and cards xo

Hello Sarah and thank you.. yes Spring is the best medicine right now ! xo

Gina said...

Dear Lala, I am so glad that you are back and that you are feeling better. Your new paper creations are original and stunning. I expect nothing less from you. Welcome back. ox, Gina

fina guio said...

I was wondering where you'd run off to! glad you're back and feeling together. should we organize some craft workshops?
xo, fina.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Welcome back Lala. I remember us sharing a comment or two near the Charlie Hebo event , very sad. I have been to Paris since then. Didn't write about it on FB as it was an impromptu visit and just a bit private. We did not have great weather , but friend and I had a fabulous time.

I do hope that you are feeling a lot better now . Love you new notebooks. take care xx

My Castle in Spain said...

Thank you dear Gina...So nice to hear from you ! xo

Hi Fina...I might think of something soon ! :-)xx

Hello Anne, I'm sure you had a wonderful time in Paris...Thank you for checking on me :-) xo

coconino said...

Glad you are back!

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