Tomatoes - continued

Dear followers of this little blog....are you still there? 
I'm so sorry I keep being invisible here. I do confess, Instagram has been
stealing my heart and attention...until when I wonder, but just now I'm just 
hooked to it. So what happened since my last post?

Well, the dried tomatoes have been lovingly gathered and put into jars.
Some have been sent to a friend in Ireland who complained about having
a rainy summer and so that he could taste a bit of the Andalusian sunshine.
And then, there were more tomatoes coming in the house....big ones this time.

Chers lecteurs de ce blog.....êtes-vous toujours là ?
Je suis désolée d'avoir disparu du paysage...oui je l'avoue Instagram m'a
phagocytée...enfin...disons complètement absorbée...doigts et âme....
cela va-t-il durer ? Je n'en sais rien mais pour le suis accro...très..
Alors que s'est-il passé depuis mon dernier post ?

Eh bien les tomates séchées ont été mises en pot avec beaucoup d'amour.
Un petit sachet a été envoyé à un copain en Irlande qui se plaignait de
son été pourri par la pluie...histoire de lui faire goûter un peu de soleil andalou.
Et puis, nous avons eu encore plus de tomates....des grosses cette fois-ci
So, I've tuned to tomato sauce making.
Yes, this is me....Miss Little Tomato Sunshine...
Well...after all this hard work, I think I deserve this title at least!

Du coup, je me suis mise en mode Fabrication sauce tomate.
Oui, c'est moi...Miss Little Tomato Sunshine...
Oui, quand même après tout ce boulot, j'estime mériter ce moins !

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Joyful said…
Hi Lala, nice to read from you again! I hope you had a wonderful summer. I think your tomatoes look lovely.
Loree said…
The tomatoes look delicious. It must be wonderful to eat them in winter and remember the warm summer days.
Ah, there you picking tomatoes and bottling them, such a delicious hobby;-)
Thank you lovely ladies!
Yes, it's quite a nice way to remember summer although we're having a beautiful Indian summer at the moment...
aguja said…
Wow! A cooking ode to the tomato! Brilliant work! Love your photo and the jars of dried tomatoes!

The summer heat has subsided ... and i am back on blog after a long absence. great to catch up with you!
Elizabeth said…
Gorgeous! How delicious!
Greetings from New York!
Sandi said…
Yes, still here. :)

Those tomatoes are the size of grapefruits!

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