At the time I'm writing this post, the church bells are ringing, it's the
end of the Semana Santa and the whole village has been celebrating 
with processions and the traditional "hornazo" bread.
I baked a brioche yesterday which between visits didn't last one afternoon.
But this rather pleases me. Otherwise where is the joy?
When I bake, I'm never in a bad mood, on the contrary it's something 
I truly love to do and then sharing with others is the best part. 

With Spring coming, there are also some changes in my life I thought
I should mention here: I have a new love in my life.
It's been a while since my ex-boyfriend and I decided to part.
I reassure you, we remain good friends and I'm grateful for this.

It is quite an adventure I'm embarking on and I will divide my time
between my beloved Andalusia and a country way up North.
It's all thrilling and challenging but I'm so eager to embrace this change in my life.


Gina said…
Dear Lala, It's wonderful to hear from you and how exciting that you have a new love in your life. Can't wait to hear all about it. Do share.
LouiseMolvizar said…
Miss Lala, I've been following along with your blog for a couple of months and really enjoy reading about Andalusia -as a part time resident! The hubby and I keep a house in a small village near to Salobreña, so maybe one day we'll meet... Until our full time move down to beautiful Granada province, thank you for being my Spanish style inspiration :) Louise.
Nadezda said…
Wouw, si j'ai bien compris , le printemps a apporté du changement dans ta vie. Bonne chance belle demoiselle :)
Linda said…
You have a lovely blog.
Benny Farsäter said…
This just look so tasty.

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