Easter "hornazos" (bread with egg) in my village

Monchéri and I won't be hunting for Easter eggs this week end. In my village, the custom on Easter sunday and monday is to gather with friends and family in the countryside, eat and drink, play music until late evening. For this occasion, a special round bread is baked, in shape of a nest with an egg in its center. It is called "hornazo". Every family orders a few to the baker but not so long ago, women used to make this bread themselves and then bring it to the baker's oven to bake.

As the weather is quite chilly these last few days, I guess we'll stay snuggly at home instead of going down to el rio and get our feet soaked.

Easter is definitely one of my favorite time of the year. I was raised a protestant and do miss going to the temple with my family and singing psalms. I particularly enjoyed the sharing of the bread and the wine and saying to one another : "Le Christ est ressuscité en toi", Christ is resuscitated in you. It's been a very long time, I didn't attend a cult but every year, at Easter I ponder about these words and their meaning and feel some joy. I guess it's the joy of sharing one love, one faith, one hope, a fresh look at one's life and aspirations.

Happy Easter to you and lots of joy in your heart !!

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Joyce said…
I came over from Spain Daily to say HI~

My husband would be in heaven to be surrounded by people playing music all weekend. He plays the guitar. The bread looks perfect for the weekend. Happy Easter!
Khaled KEM said…
Hi Lala,

I do not know how food and recipes get shared between cultures and countries. Back home we enjoy eating what we call (Bagel), it looks exactly like your bread. We eat it with egg, feta cheese, salt, pepper, and grounded cumin.

Happy Easter to you!
Sara said…
Happy Easter, Lala, to you and Monchéri.

It is interesting to learn of the celebration customs in other places. A full day of food and music and getting one's feet wet in el rio is a wonderful way to celebrate.
Linda Sue said…
wonderful bread! i am going to look up a recipe and try to make some! The egg is intriguing and I am wondering if it is boiled first. Very clever.
Kim said…
Your Easter traditions sound lovely. We do something similar, however it's not regional base. I have my closest friends over for an Easter feast, drinks and late into the evening music. This is my favorite holiday.

Easter, hope of the resurrection, new life...
Indyeah said…
Happy Easter to you Lala and to Moncheri:))have a beautiful weekend

David Engel said…
Lala! Happy Easter! Khaled thought your bread was like his bagel. I thought it was like a challah, a yummy jewish egg bread. Whatever it is it looks delicious! I want some.

Ciao Bella,

Gillian said…
What heartwarming traditions...I love Easter too. For me, it is less commercial than Christmas and holds far more meaning.
Your bread looks delicious and I hope you and Moncheri have a super fabbie holiday!!!
vicki archer said…
Happy Easter Lala and have a wonderful weekend, xv.
Dakota Bear said…
Happy Easter Lala and Moncheri.

It looks like you are going to have a very good time.

The bread looks delicious. What is in the dough and are those some type of seeds?
It's similar to a bagel except that hornazos is embellished with a huge pearl! :-)
Happy Easter to you and yours!
J ..de Santa Fe said…
Beautiful images of a most lovely tradition ... . do enjoy a very special Easter -

Tu blog tiene una pinta estupenda, igual que los pastelitos estos ;-) lástima que no entienda ni una palabra :-(

Un saludo
paris parfait said…
Happy Easter, dear Lala! xo
Scarlet said…
¡Que delicia! I can't think of anything else I would want more with my vino tinto...except one of those Catholic priests from a few posts ago. Forgive me for saying this on Easter Sunday, but man, they're HOT! ;)
Susana said…
Looks yummy! Here in Teruel they have a similar one, called Trenza.

Happy Easter, Lala!
Elizabeth said…
Hi Lala
What beautiful bread. It looks delicious.
Wishing you joy in this lovely spring season
Such an interesting post below about Holy Week too.
When will you visit New York?
It would be lovely to meet you.
beautiful post of a lovely tradition....but I'm off to troll old posts to check out the priests (such a bad little Jewish girl....)
Niki said…
This is really cool - is the egg hard boiled?
Anairam said…
I don't celebrate Easter, but that bread just makes me happy looking at it! Is the egg a hard boiled one? And does one eat it with the bread?
Wishing you a joyous spring Lala. I hope your Easter in the country was fun - and delicious! What a wonderful way to spend the day.
Catherine xx
Christina said…
Yum! I hope you had a glorious Easter, my sweet friend.
pranksygang said…
wonderful tradition .. and a lovely bread..
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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