Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy skying

Our Andalusian sky is slowly turning from blue to grey meaning no more breakfast on the roof terrace until our friend, the sun appears again. I am perusing through my stack of old World of Interiors magazines and love this article about Constable's skies studies. He made approximately a hundred of those between 1821 and 1822. He called this specific activity, skying and his favorite times for skying were noon and sunset.
Now I feel very inspired to have some skying done on my bathroom ceiling !

Have a great week end and happy sky watching or skying !

pics : from World of Interiors august 2000

details of John Constable's skies studies from exhibition "Constable's clouds" held at the National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh Aug-Oct 2000

Monday, November 23, 2009

Medieval market in my village

Last week end our village entered the holiday mood hosting a medieval market. Beautiful stalls of food and crafts filled the little plaza. We had mulled wine and gaufres, bought some herbal tea, played with wooden toys. The stall below selling dates and dried fruit was my favorite. The woman who installed it comes from Elche, a little town near Alicante with the biggest palm tree area in Spain. I was completely fascinated by the soft colours of the fresh dates and palm leaves. So much so, I think it will be my decoration theme for the Christmas holiday.

of course, there is no Spanish Christmas without turron of all sorts and all colours
Have you ever seen braided cheese like this ? At first I thought it was some kind of tiny bread but the woman selling it explained it's a type of cheese made in Slovakia. Funny isn't it ?
But the cutest were definitely these two !

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet mule

Would you say as stubborn as a mule, as one says in French, "têtu comme une mule" or cool as a mule ? I find mules to be sweet animals. We used to see them a lot in the Andalusian countryside and little by little, they seem to vanish from the landscape. We stumbled on that sweet one, last sunday in the village of Saleres.

oops...looking more carefully I think this one is a donkey, isn't it ?

Monday, November 16, 2009

The new house : settling in slowly but surely

My lovelies, dear readers, no I haven't forgotten you ! I knew moving would be a bit overwhelming but the truth is I feel a bit knackered but not too discouraged though. Still, the more I unpack and the more there is to unpack.

I am like a little general on a battle field trying out several strategies. We first wanted to deal with all the rooms at once, but it didn't really work. Now I know the best proven strategy is to do one room at a time....
So this afternoon, I resumed the organization and decoration of the kitchen, relishing spending a lot of time on details...... displaying my cookery books to have them at hand and all the recipes I collect from the French Elle magazine.

The working board is still filled with utensils which need to find their home.
My collages are still lying down on a sofa while waiting to be up the wall.

Some objects find their place easily. I particularly cherish the mirror and the black marble top console which I bought at my friend Gym's shop, Camel Stop, last year.

Sometimes, I stop and look pensively at the walls. In spite of my tiredness, I feel so inspired to make oversize collages to stick on the walls. The rope lampshade hanging from the ceiling had been left there. Not too keen about it !

From the roof terrace, we can see the village of Niguelas.
It is a beautiful sight at night when the church is illuminated and I do so love the old tiles !

Until now, Monchéri and I didn't have the opportunity to enjoy a barbecue on the roof terrace.

As you can see, there is still a bit of cluttering in the patio waiting for a quick dissolution !

ps : A huge thank you to my new followers and I hope to visit you all, my lovely bloguettes very soon !
Besitos - Lala

pps : I'm afraid my post layout resembles very much my present state of mind...desperately cluttered
sorry about that !
so this is the roof terrace. Blogger must be mad at me because I didn't post for a long time, but everytime I tried to post these pics, they just disappeared !

Anyway, here they are !

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Please tell me what is more stressful than a removal ? Monchéri and I are moving to our new house, which is not even far from our former place and yet the whole affair is maddening. My eyes are getting tired to see boxes which are still opened, waiting for another cushion, a stray book, a shoe which have been forgotten. We've been at it since friday and even with the help of 8 friends, we're not done yet ! Well, we do it the Andalusian way, little by little with no rush and nice breaks with jamon serrano and apple pie.

Monchéri sees the removal as a kind of fiesta where he can show that he's the man fit for the job.
While, I on the contrary suffer from a strange pathology. I cannot make myself pack a box. So I supervise the whole thing with a very pronounced nonchalance.
My wish is that soon we will be happy and singing in our new nest.....
Hope you had all a great week end and I will see you soon if Telefonica keeps its promise that phone and Internet will work in the new house tomorrow monday....Let's hope so !
Besitos- Lala

Don't you think these cut vinyl record silhouettes are great ? This is the work of Spanish artist Carlos Aires. I took these pics a couple of years ago at a gallery in Granada. Please check his site to see more of his work.

pics : cut record vinyl silhouettes by Carlos Aires

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turning tables in Granada.....

Would you feel comfortable eating while your table slowly, very slowly turns so that you could enjoy the view around Granada ? This is the experience proposed by this new circular restaurant called Manzanil in the modern part of Granada next to the Sciences Museum. Monchéri and I were about to have lunch there last week, but as I was watching my feet and saw the floor moving very slightly, I suddenly felt a bit dizzy, then rapidly too dizzy to sit down and eat ! Also I found the red "river bed" a bit too intense to look at while eating.....
but I do enjoy the glassed panels of the circular restaurant...

Restaurant Manzanil
Forum building
near the Sciences Museum
tel. 958 121 002

Monday, November 2, 2009

Memento mori !

Memento mori.....Remember you will die....alas....

Oh I think I could have worn one of these for Halloween !

a pendant created by Lorenz Bäumer, who designed the latest Vuitton jewelry line.
I love the two silhouette profiles...too cute
photo © Lorenz Bäumer

earrings by Lorenz Bäumer
photo © Lorenz Bäumer

necklace created by the exquisite Delfina Delletrez Fendi
photo © Delfina Delletrez

Crowned skull by Dior Joaillerie
photo © Dior

Macabre ring by Lydia Courteille whose work is simply stunning
photo © Lydia Courteille

Memento mori so in the meantime let's carpe diem while we can !

ps: after struggling with my horror black nails for half hour, I gave up on them....just couldn't manage to stick them!
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