A Parisian Give Away

One thing I forgot to tell you is that it was my birthday, on September 8th, the day we went to Paris so I wish to celebrate it with you and this is my Parisian give away !
As I told you before, my stay in Paris implied some intensive shop seeing to spot the trends
and my give away is a few objects from Merci and Colette concept stores.

Ce que j'ai oublié de vous dire c'est que je suis allée à Paris, pile le jour de mon anniversaire, le 8 septembre alors c'est le moment où jamais de le célébrer avec vous avec de petits cadeaux parisiens !
Comme je vous l'avais déjà dit, mon séjour à Paris incluait tout un parcours fléché de boutiques pour repérer les tendances
et mes petits cadeaux ont été shoppés chez Merci et Colette.

A little notebook and an amusing set of ballpoint pens which convert into cutlery from Merci. I wish I could have added a few macarons from Ladurée but they don't travel well unfortunately. There is also a ballpoint pen from Colette store which reads "classsy" on one side and "A Lady has fabulous penmanship" on the other side.
I also add to my Parisian Give Away Un Certain Sourire by Françoise Sagan which I bought at the bouquinistes on the the quais. After all she had a lot of Paris in her....

Chez Merci, un petit carnet et un trio amusant de stylos bille dont le capuchon se transforme en couvert. J'aurais bien aimé ajouter des macarons de chez Ladurée mais ils supportent mal le transport. Il y a aussi un stylo trouvé chez Colette avec l'inscription "classy" d'un côté et de l'autre "A Lady has fabulous penmanship". J'ajoute aussi Un Certain Sourire de Françoise Sagan que j'ai acheté sur les quais chez les bouquinistes. Il faut dire qu'il y a tellement de Paris en elle....

Just a precision, no the vintage green bottle isn't part of the give away ! I just included it in the pic to recall the atmosphere of a table at Merci.

Juste une petite précision, non la bonbonne vintage ne fait pas partie des cadeaux ! Je l'ai placée sur la photo simplement pour rappeler une des ambiances de table chez Merci.

So, who can participate to this give away ? Well, all of my followers of course, whether you have a blog or not. You can also choose to follow in order to take part.
The only thing to do is leave a comment on that post and I will draw the winner next monday october 4th at midnight.

Qui peut participer ? Vous tous qui suivez le blog bien sûr, que vous ayez un blog ou non. Vous pouvez aussi choisir de suivre le blog pour participer.
Il suffit de laisser un commentaire sur ce billet et je tirerai le/la gagnant(e) au sort
lundi 4 octobre at minuit

The winner will receive the package in the Merci shopping bag which can be reused
Good luck !

Le/la gagnant(e) recevra ses petits cadeaux dans le shopping bag de Merci qui peut être réutilisé
Bonne chance !

pics : me


Croatian_Latina said…
Happy Belated birthday Lala! what a wonderful way to celebrate it in Paris!
What a generous and thoughtful present for a giveaway to your readers - and I just adore the Paris photographs. So glad to hear you enjoyed your Birthday with your Cheri in Paris, dear;-)
David Engel said…
How could I have missed your Birthday!!!!?????
Happy Birthday Lovely Lala!
Glad you were in The City Of Lights for it.

Much Love,

Sue said…
Such wonderful stylish items you found in Paris. En retard, joyeux anniversaire! My fellow Virgoan, I so enjoy visiting your world. xxx
Anonymous said…
Ooh Lala,
Your Paris trip looked marvelous. Thank you for sharing your interesting life with us. I am so happy to have found you!
Happy Belated!
Linda Sue said…
The pens are very clever and I suppose useful as cutlery...I love double duty objects. You must have had one of the most memorable birthdays! Now you are old enough to cross the street by yourself!
lynnie said…
I WAS THERE....in that same spot ..can u believe it ..3 weeks ago...we visited merci twice and i bought a beautiful linen bag...oh and happy birthday to you too...lynnie
Happy Birthday Lala!!! And what a great and generous way to celebrate ( lucky me , I´m a follower!) I so want to visit Merci in my next travel to Paris, the concept behind it is fantastic!!

Thank you and please count me in!!

Have a wonderful week!!

El Jardin de los Muffins
angel said…
Loving those chandeliers....I think I would have tried to stuff them in an IKEA bag had I been there....
Joyful said…
Oh Lala, you kept your birthday a secret for a few weeks!! A belated happy birthday dear one and lots of transatlantic hugs and kisses. The shopping looks divine in Paris ;-)
Jacqueline said…
Hi there,
What a wonderful giveaway.... and all from tht fabulous shop MERCI. I love all of the images too.
Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm so sorry that I have neglected you somewhat. I find it so hard to comment on everyones blog. It takes me all day as it is !!!! I shall try to do better in future.
I shall put your giveaway on my sidebar.
Salut Lala, now please promise me you will have a photo taken if you ever do your supermarket shopping looking like somebody from Mad Men, I have to see it ;-)

This giveaway is just beautiful (please count me in) and your Paris photos are stunning, you must have had such a wonderful time...swoon... Love from London xo
Spangle said…
Wow what a great giveaway all the stuff is beautiful!

Happy belated birthday too, I hope you had a great day!
Joyce said…
Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful. Your give away and the green bottle are both very cool.xo
Count me in..there are lovely goodies there and happy belated birthday..Wish you will have the greatest year of all..
Kristin said…
Of course, I want to participate in your gorgeous giveaway!! Have a beautiful day tomorrow, Lala!

Anonymous said…
Hello! I was spending a quiet afternoon on my sofa, blog-hopping through out the world when something led me to your blog. Enjoyed my visit very muc, so now I am a follower!

Alexa said…
Have been visiting and not commenting, but would like to say how much I enjoyed your photos of your trip to Paris. And how lovely of you to do this fun giveaway. Bon anniversaire (a bit late)!
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore la boutique Merci , elle regorge tellement de bonnes surprises.
Malgré ton message, j'ai raté ton giveaway.
Ma chère Lala, how did I miss posting on this? I know that I read through the post -- Don't you just love that little red car in the Merci courtyard!

Thanks for stopping by my blog so frequently. Merci.

How wonderful. I really enjoy reading your blog and love all your photos. So very lovely.

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