My advent calendar

So this is what kept my little fingers busy part of this week end....
my advent calendar is made of 24 little different boxes.
I know that advent calendars are usually designed for children.
Mine is for big kids too.

I've been showing it around me and I have an order for 4 calendars
to make for this coming sunday.

So I'm really thrilled about it because honestly when I started it,
I had hesitations but Monchéri convinced me to go on
and as you know I always listen to my half-orange.... mi media naranja.

Alors voici ce qui m'a occupée une partie du week end
mon calendrier de l'avent est composé de 24 petites boîtes toutes différentes.
Je sais bien que dans le commerce, les calendriers de l'avent sont souvent destinés aux enfants.
Le mien aussi...enfin, disons pour de grands enfants.

Je l'ai montré autour de moi et j'ai une commande de 4 calendriers
à faire pour ce dimanche qui vient.

Je suis très contente parce qu'en réalité, une fois commencé,
j'hésitais beaucoup à continuer mais Monchéri m'a convaincu de le faire
et comme vous le savez, j'écoute toujours ma media moitié d'orange.

Now let me show you what is inside each box
A tiny roll of paper tied with a ribbon
You unfold it in the evening, before or after supper
with your family, your beloved ones, next to your side
and each roll reads a quote, for instance lines from Dickens or Colette
to get peacefully and happily into the Christmas mood

Laissez-moi vous montrer ce qui se cache à l'intérieur de chaque boîte
Un papier enroulé et noué avec un ruban
que vous déroulez le soir, avant ou après dîner
en famille ou en amoureux.
Chaque petit papier contient une citation, par exemple des lignes de Dickens ou de Colette
pour s'imprégner petit à petit de la douceur de Noël

Do you like the idea ?

L'idée vous plaît ?

pics : me


renilde said…
I really, really like this,splendid idea!!
Festive little boxes, beautiful... and the content....a nice quote can bring a sparkle and a smile to any day and make it a little different.
Lovely work!
studioJudith said…
My dear . ...
Like? yes
Love? yesYESyes !!

So simple and elegant.
So Lala.

David Engel said…
As usual they are beautiful! And filling them with an intriguing quote is a great idea. How about something from Murakami?

Love you,

How very elegant and classic, Lala! They are beautiful and so creatively you have made a special treat for adults to enjoy in the season!

Croatian_Latina said…
WOW. Lala you are so creative. I don't think I have ever seen anything like this. and the message inside love it!!!I have a special friend (she is from France)whom I would like to purchase this for. I'm visiting your shop.
aguja said…
What a truly wionderful idea! It is so beautiful.
Mélanie A. said…
un calendrier de l'avent pour adultes, c'est fantastique...Merveilleuse idée.
Agus said…
Eres una artista! tienes mucho en tus manos y en tú corazón, sigue así.
Un hasta luego, es mejor que un adios...
gymhalama said…
I have seen them up close whilst sipping earl grey and nibbling on one of those marvelous chocolate cakes. It's always fiesta time at Lala's.
Mais oui! They're lovely and I would love to have an advent calendar again...very pretty. Hope your week is good, Love from London xo
Sara said…
Yes, I love it. A beautiful idea!
Theresa Cheek said…
Lovely idea Lala! Your eye for presentation is very good!!
Linda Sue said…
LOVE love LOVE!!! Brilliant idea - so sweet - the quotes rolled up and tied with a ribbon- So wonderful!
I adore the idea! I hope you are still making them next year, when my children are a little older and able to understand the pleasure and the thoughts of such little treats each night.
Fashion Limbo said…
wow, that is so pretty, seriously pretty! Absolutely love it
Croatian_Latina said…
Lala, I received your order today! it's perfect and the stitching on it wow, I can tell see it was hardwork. thank you so much for sharing your talent and I'm so happy your media naranja convinced you to go ahead with the idea.

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