Fernando and Dany the cool guys of the market

It's market today....
which means a colorful pause in the morning
and I was happy to buy my first Raf tomatoes
of the season, at Fernando's (on the left) stall.
Most of the vegetables he sells are organic
and come from his own garden.
Dany gives him a hand from time to time and
runs an ecoloogical foodshop in the Alpujarras mountains.
Yes, they are the coolest guys in the market !

Aujourd'hui, c'est jour de marché....
l'occasion de faire une pause agréable dans la matinée
et d'acheter mes premières tomates Raf de la saison
sur le stand de Fernando (à gauche sur la photo).
La plupart des légumes sont de culture organique et proviennent
de son propre potager.
Dany lui donne un coup de main de temps en temps
et tient une boutique de produits écologiques dans les Alpujarras.
Oui, ce sont les deux gars les plus cool du marché !

I took the pics below to show you
what I like best in the market,
piles of garlic, the different types of
olive seasonings and the pretty garlands
of red pepper

j'ai pris les photos ci-dessous
pour vous montrer ce que je préfère au marché,
les tonnes d'ail, les différents types d'olives marinées
et les jolies guirlandes de piment rouge

pics : me


Agus said…
Me gustán los mercados al aire libre, uno disfruta de muchas sensaciones; olores, colores, y sobre todo de mercancia fresca. Me encanta las olivas y esa foto de los ajos es preciosa...
aguja said…
These are really special photographs and depict beautifully the essence of market day.
Now that is what I call a Market and just look at those fantastic tomatoes .. they look like tomatoes and I bet they SMELL like tomatoes should :-) :-) ..
Gina said…
Dear Lala, everything looks great, they guys too. It's the cauliflowers that caught my eye...they are the biggest I have ever seeen. Thanks for the photos, they brighten our wintry days.
Patricia said…
I lust after this produce! And the light means that there is warmth. Thanks for sharing the sunshine.
Salut Lala, looks like you'll be having some great food this weekend and I'm sure those vegetables actually taste the way they should. Those photos are so lovely because they make me want to travel to Spain and go food shopping! Thanks for all your comments, I'm currently really rubbish at keeping up and catching up with my favourite blogs - sorry. Love from London xo
Joyful said…
It's always great to see all the fresh produce of the farmers. I think they work so hard and they are so reliable in bringing us their bounty.
maría cecilia said…
Qué maravillosas verduras, me alegra tanto saber que cada vez hay más gente produciendo sus propias verduras orgánicas!!!!
cariños querida Lala
p.s. tus craciones están cada vez más lindas!!!!

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