Where life leads to......

When I began this blog, I didn't take it very seriously.
It took me a couple of years to get really hooked on it.
And apart from meeting very nice people from different corners of the world,
my best reward is receiving emails from someone telling me
she or he finds it inspiring and uplifting.
I won't boast, it doesn't happen every day,
but just recently I received this message :

Quand j'ai commencé ce blog, je ne le prenais pas très au sérieux.
En fait, ça m'a pris deux ans pour être accro à la blogosphère.
Hormis le fait de rencontrer des gens très sympas d'univers différents,
ma meilleure récompense est de recevoir des emails
de personnes me disant être inspirées par le blog.
Je ne vais pas me vanter, cela n'arrive pas tous les jours.
Mais récemment, j'ai reçu ce message :

"....My name is Kate and I live in NYC.
I stumbled upon your beautiful blog a couple of months ago
and have been following it ever since, all the while
falling more and more in love
with Andalusia and Spain. (...)

I am planning quitting my job next month so that
I can pursue traveling (....)
I am so at that point in my life
where the scary idea of quitting my job
seems like the most logical move at this point".

"...Bonjour, je m'appelle Kate et je vis à New York.
J'ai découvert ton beau blog il y a quelques mois
et le suis régulièrement. Et je suis tombée amoureuse
de l'Andalousie et de l'Espagne. (....)

Je projette de quitter mon boulot le mois prochain
pour satisfaire mes envies de voyage (...)
Je suis à un tournant de ma vie où la seule idée
effrayante de quitter mon travail semble
l'issue la plus logique.

I answered back to Kate to tell her it was definitely
a big change she was facing
and that she might miss New York
but when someone is determined, I guess
the best is to just do it and go for it !

J'ai répondu à Kate que c'était
vraiment un changement important
et que sûrement New York allait lui manquer
mais lorsqu'une personne est déterminée, je crois
que le mieux est d'y aller pour de bon !

Life is meant to be lived
and it's surely good to make it happen,
and open the door on new opportunities,
while we can.

Après tout la vie est faite pour être vécue
et c'est beau de réaliser ses envies
et d'ouvrir la porte sur de nouvelles opportunités,
tant qu'on peut le faire.

Have a great week end
and please join me on Facebook !

pics : me, Monchéri - in Sacromonte barrio in Granada
june 2008


Joyful said…
Hey Lala, I don't know if you are off line already for the weekend but I wanted to wish you a wonderful rest. It's so great when we can inspire someone else through our blogs. Yours is a great and you are indeed an inspiration. Love your blog too my friends. Blessings. xx
studioJudith said…
How totally touching and endearing ...
it is incredible how our little corners of bloglandia reach out and touch so many.
I wish Kate many good wishes on her
new voyage.
thank you , Miss Lala , for all the inspiration and beauty you share !

studioJudith said…

love your choice of boots with your
lovely skirt !
vicki archer said…
A lovely story Lala...I do hope Kate follows her dream....xv
ileana said…
¡Pués me voy con Kate para España! ;) Quisiera yo, chica!

Btw, I'm one of those who sent you an e-mail (about two years ago) letting you know how much your life, stories and photos inspire me! They still do.

Abrazos, Ily
Linda Sue said…
Indeed she should follow her heart's desire- New York is not going anywhere, she can always return but my guess is that she will not. LOVE your photo of beautiful you- that is reason enough to set one to dream- your blog is awesome, LAla- always!Your life is even better!
Blondie said…
Your photos are so beautiful. I would love to see your country too! Thanks for sharing and keep on doing so!

Lisa, Milwaukie OR U.S.A.
Zelda said…
i really like your style .
Love the mixture of color and materials! Come see our recent post www.seductivelyfrench.blogspot.com We changed to blogger (WP was a nightmare).

Or say hi on fb www.facebook.com/seductivelyfrench Post on our wall what you think! We would love to hear from you.

Envious of you, xx from your Seductively French friends Jason & Slavica
Susana said…
That's beautiful... and your advice sooo true. Good luck to Kate with her adventures! Live life to the full!!!
aguja said…
Yes, it may be a wrench, but yes, too, that life is for living and a choice does not mean forever; it can be a new experience that is for a short, but enriching time. How wonderful to receive Kate's message.

Wonderful, too, that your blog shares the magic of Andalucia with the whole world!!
Aurora said…
Lala: the place is "El Sacromonte" - the "sacred mount"- because is the way to the Abbey which is on top of the hill.
It starts in "el peso de la harina", where flour was weight- just at the entrance of the Casa del Chapiz - or casa de estudios árabes.
It's a long long time since I lived there. My precious Albaicín.
They are the great things about blogging: the people you "meet" and the inspiration found on beautiful blogs. This is a lovely post, honest and with some great pics ;-) Have a great week xo
Gillian said…
I am a firm believer in choosing your own path with consciousness. It seems to me she gave that a lot of thought. I hope she enjoys her travels and that while she is abroad doors open and opportunities present themselves to her!
And I agree with your followers...your blog is a slice of heaven and total escapism. Spain has never looked so good!

Anonymous said…
What an inspiration you are! These shots are just gorgeous!

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