Feeling pretty in the kitchen

I've been spending a lot of time in my kitchen lately
well you know.... my latest passion starts with a c
as canestrelli, cakes and cupcakes
and I thought it would be fun to have
a pretty apron to wear while baking.

I have lots of toile de Jouy to use
and first I made myself a straight simple apron
but then I wanted something which looks
more like a garment, like a pretty summer dress

Dernièrement, je passe pas mal de temps dans la cuisine,
eh oui...comme vous le savez ma dernière passion
commence par un c comme canestrelli et cupcakes.
Et j'ai eu envie de porter un joli tablier
tout en faisant de la pâtisserie.

J'ai plein de toile de Jouy à utiliser
et je me suis d'abord confectionné un tablier simple et droit.
Puis je me suis dit que ce serait sympa d'avoir un tablier
qui ressemble à une jolie robe d'été.

I was quite pleased with the result
and got so enthusiastic, I went to see my hairdresser, round the corner.
Of course she was in the middle of a brushing when I asked her
please, could all of you try this apron, I just want to see
if it fits any size.
My hairdresser knows I can be a bit eccentric at times
but she doesn't mind and complied with her usual good humor.

J'étais assez contente du résultat
et dans mon élan enthousiaste suis allée voir ma coiffeuse, juste à côté.
Évidemment, elle était en plein brushing quand je lui ai demandé,
s'il-te-plaît, ça t'ennuierait que vous essayez toutes ce tablier.
Je voudrais voir s'il s'adapte à toutes les tailles.
Ma coiffeuse sait que je peux être un peu excentrique à mes heures
mais ça la fait plutôt rire,
donc elle a accepté avec sa bonne humeur habituelle.

All her customers, 5 women in total tried it
and what's more, loved it !
Fina, my hairdresser ordered me one for herself
and a couple more for friends.
So now I'll be busy sewing!
In fact, I like the idea so much,
I've been looking for pretty fabrics with a vintage look to make more
to sell at the market and in my etsy shop.

Toutes ses clientes l'ont essayé, 5 femmes au total
et qui plus est, l'ont adoré !
Fina, ma coiffeuse m'en a commandé un pour elle
et deux de plus pour des amies.
Donc. maintenant il va falloir que je m'attelle à la tâche !
En fait, j'aime tellement l'idée,
je suis déjà en train de chercher des tissus avec un look un peu vintage
pour en créer plus et les vendre sur le marché et dans
ma boutique etsy.

I'll be away from the blog until monday
so I wish you a very happy Easter !

Je ne serai pas sur le blog avant lundi
alors je vous souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes de Pâques !


Diana said…
That is so lovely! I love the fabric and style both!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I LOVE this apron. Will you make one for me, please. Let me know when they are in your Etsy shop. These are especially pretty and I love the idea that they could be a Summer dress, almost.
Elisa said…
you are so talented Lala! I will have to visit your etsy shop to see what fabrics you found. I may just order an apron or two.

Un feliz dia de la pascua!
Sunday Taylor said…
Very pretty apron. I am not surprised so many people want one. Your blog is very special.
Joyful said…
It's very pretty. Well done!
Kristin said…
Hi Lala, cupcakes and cakes are my latest passion also!!!!! Very nice apron and a HAPPY EASTER to you!

xx Kristin
Theresa Cheek said…
It reminds me of the ads that showed American women in the 50's cleaning their homes with their pearls on and a great dress! I do love the cut of your apron, the neck is nice and the way the sides wrap around . Good luck with your creations!
This is quite lovely and so much more than a straight apron. What talents you have, my dear!

I thought about your talented cousin at Palais Garnier in Paris this week... enjoy a blessed Easter, mon amie!

angel said…
Clever girl...it looks very pretty in the kitchen and well without that back...could be very pretty in the bedroom, cough!!!!
Anulka said…
Spokojnych, zdrowych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy; Happy Easter; Felices Pascuas; Buona Pasqua; Joyeuses Pâques.
Oh.......so sweet Lala! I think you might be busy with your latest creation. Such style to everything you do. Happy Easter. XO
Linda Sue said…
The apron is adorable- I would wear it all the time- with nothing else! I also love that which it is hanging on- very COOL!
Susana said…
No me lo puedo creer... qué talento tienes!!! Te vienes a vivir a mi casa???
An apron slash summer dress!
Why didn't I think of that?
Oooh now...should I wear wedges with straps that wrap around the ankles?
Flip flops? Flats?


Happy Easter, dear Lala!
Italo said…
WOW LALA, do you cook with that apron? It's so "american wife from the 50's"!!! Ciao. :D
Mélanie A. said…
magnifique tablier , tu devrais les commercialiser . certaines de mes clients portent les tabliers au dessus d'une tenue blanche ( robe ou pantalon ) pour lui donner un peu de peps et elles sortent avec
maría cecilia said…
Muy lindo el delantal, Lala!!!1

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