Playing in the poppy field

This is what is keeping me busy these days
my little apron collection....
Do you remember some time ago,
I was telling you how I would love to wear a nice working outfit ?
So this is it, I'm making a little apron collection.
I've ordered fabrics from England, which took quite a while to arrive,
reworked the pattern with a professional seamstress,
tried to get my sewing machine fixed
because until now I was sewing by hand...yes, crazy !

And the fun part in all that is making pics with Monchéri.
We will use them to create a little lookbook catalog.
I can't wait to show you the next models....
Believe me they are fun !

Voilà ce qui m'occupe dernièrement,
ma petite collection de tabliers....
Vous souvenez-vous, il y a quelque temps, je vous disais
mon envie de porter des beaux tabliers à la maison comme à l'extérieur.
alors voilà, je crée une collection de tabliers .
J'ai commandé des tissus d'Angleterre qui ont mis du temps à arriver.
J'ai dû retravailler le patron avec une professionnelle ,
réparer ma machine à coudre parce que jusqu'à présent,
je cousais à la main....oui, une folie !

Et le plus amusant est de faire des photos avec Monchéri.
Nous les utiliserons pour créer un lookbook.
Je suis impatiente de vous montrer les futurs modèles.
Croyez-moi, ils sont très chouettes !

pics : Monchéri
please do not use without permission


ADORABLE!! You and the apron, both, mon amie! Moncheri has done an excellent job with the photography as well. That field of poppies is stunning!

Karena said…
So beautiful!! I love to see the fields of poopies!

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Art by Karena
That is a wonderful apron...great fabric...I like your hat too. The photos look like they belong in an upscale magazine. Well done!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I'm so glad that you continued working on your new idea. As before, I want to be your first customer. Love the photographs and love your choice of fabrics. Can't wait until you list them in your Etsy shop.
有力 said…
Lala you are so beautiful. Gorgeous pictures.
Caroline said…
Divine! What a lovely project and of course, poppies are one of my favourite flowers! You look beautiful surrounded by them!
Milena said…
Magnifique ce champ de coquelicots!

J' ADORE le tablier!!!
Elisa said…
oh my!! these photos are amazing. you look like a model Lala! that first photo is just,,,wow.
you are very talented and so is Moncheri,he did an awesome job taking photos.
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore ton tablier
carams said…
I thought our poppy fields in France were wonderful, but your Spanish ones topple them.

So excited for you, Lala. Love when people begin new adventures. The aprons are romantically charming. Wishing you lots of fun and success...a field of poppies is good place to start.
Catherine xx
PK Studios said…
Postcard picture perfect! You look like an exotic Alice in Wonderland : ) So much fun... Cheers, Penny
Beyond Timid said…
Aww you look so pretty! And the flowers look so vibrant! ♥
It's so cool how you can sew. I can't even do it to save my life. :P
Linda Sue said…
Lala- the extreme in adorable- Love the first shot best- they are all very lovely! AND I do like the milk of the poppy...good thing it is illegal!
Theresa Cheek said…
Oh, this is so good! You have told such a magical story in these photos. The fields of poppies are something I am jealous of! Can't wait to see the aprons.
aguja said…
What fun! They are beautiful ... and how very 'Renoir' the setting - brilliant, incidentally.
Mix Hart said…
A most maginificient field of poppies! The apron is lovely.
I have a question: I am travelling to Barcelona in a few weeks time and have 2 weeks in Spain. Would you recommend time in Menorca or skip it and go elsewhere?
Gorgeous! I adore poppies, all the color and light they radiate from their tissue-like petals. I planted some Icelandic poppies in my garden patch this spring; I'm hoping they'll come back year after year. How fortunate you are to ne near a field packed with them!

Your aprons sound delightful. Looking forward to more pictures! I should get into the habit of wearing aprons more often; now I only do it if I'm baking something with lots of flour, or cooking something very splattery.
That is so beautiful. The fabric looks stunning and so do you in that colourful field. Really lovely pictures. xo
maría cecilia said…
Hermoso Lala!!! y muy bellas fotos también!!!
Thank you all so much for your super sweet simpatico comments !! XO

Melissa, i tried to answer you on your blog but couldn't comment or find an email address. Oh yes, i'd definitely go to Menorca! Enjoy your stay in Barcelona !
Herb Master said…
We are visiting the Lecrin Valley in May this year and would love to take some photos in this Poppy field - can you tell me where it is?

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