Sweet vanities......

.....or nothing can stop a girl to extend her territory !
......ou rien ne peut empêcher une fille d'étendre son territoire !

There is an unoccupied room in the house which was semi guest room, semi storage and this summer I started to hang a bag here, place some shoes there, align my collection of perfume flasks. And this is how, my dressing room was born under the amused eye of Monchéri who agreed that some guests might still want to sleep in this room surrounded by bags in a girly environment. I plan to adorn the blue furniture. More gold may be....Something baroque....And put ribbons everywhere....Ouf, yes I guess I'm having my crazy pink moment !
What's funny is that I'm not really a fashionista. I don't have this huge crave on labels. First I can't afford it and second I lose interest. But, I do enjoy my clothes and dressing up. Although I realize, in spite of my ever expanding wardrobe, I always end up wearing the same clothes. So actually, decluttering sounds the best next thing to do. These days, I am more and more attracted to vintage fashion. Well, I was already when I was younger. One of my favorite vintage shops on Internet is Couture Allure which I discovered thanks to Vicki, where I find my lovely blue dress. I also enjoy browsing on Etsy in the vintage section. And talking about vintage, this summer I've been following the blog of the radiant Fleur de Guerre (what a brilliant name!). I just love her dungarees here. Fleur is organizing a vintage party in London, this saturday with her gang, the Vintage Mafia. And I'm so thrilled to go ! Well, actually I'm going to London this week end to visit Top Drawer but I thought a little bit of partying wouldn't hurt. You can read more about The Vintage Mafia party here. May be see you there ?

Il y a une pièce inoccupée dans la maison qui fait office de chambre d'amis, pièce de rangement et cet été j'ai commencé à accrocher un sac par-ci, un autre par-là, ranger mes chaussures, aligner ma collection de flacons de parfum. Du jour au lendemain, mon dressing est né sous l'oeil amusé de Monchéri qui reconnaît que certaines personnes puissent trouver agréable de dormir dans une chambre, entouré de sacs à main dans un environnement girly. Je vais décorer les meubles bleus. Plus de doré sans doute...Quelque chose de baroque...Et mettre des rubans partout....Ouf, je suis dans ma phase rose sucré à fond ! Ce qui est drôle c'est que je ne suis pas vraiment une fashionista. Je n'ai pas la folie des marques. D'abord, je n'ai pas les moyens et ensuite ça ne m'intéresse pas plus que ça. Mais, j'adore mes fringues et j'adore m'habiller. Ceci dit, je me rends bien compte que malgré mes portants bien chargés, je mets presque toujours les mêmes tenues. Conséquence, un allègement s'impose. Depuis un certain temps, la mode vintage me plaît de plus en plus. En fait, je m'habillais déjà vintage quand j'étais plus jeune. L'une de mes boutiques vintage préférées sur Internet est Couture allure. J'ai découvert cette adresse grâce à Vicki et c'est là que j'ai trouvé ma jolie robe bleue. J'aime bien aussi la section vintage sur Etsy. En parlant de vintage, cet été j'ai découvert le blog de Fleur de Guerre (super nom !). J'adore la combinaison pantalon qu'elle porte ici. Fleur organise une soirée vintage samedi prochain à Londres avec son gang The Vintage Mafia. Et j'y vais ! Bon en fait, si je vais à Londres ce week end, c'est surtout pour aller visiter Top Drawer mais une petite fiesta, ça se refuse pas, n'est-ce pas ? Vous pouvez lire toutes les infos sur la soirée de The Vintage Mafia ici. Et peut-être qu'on se retrouve là-bas ?

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Jojo said…
I loved that you've saved your perfume bottles. They are so beautiful that it seems a shame to throw them out. All girls need a dressing room-especially when you have such lovely things to display.
aguja said…
A veritable treasure trove ... and I would love to be a guest in a room such as this.
Off to Ireland tomorrow, for a week.
maría cecilia said…
Hola Lala, un espacio delicioso y muy femenino para ti y también para los invitados, me encantó!!!
Exquisita paella donde tu amiga Pilar, qué hermoso lugar.
Kristin said…
Hi Lala! So nice to hear from you! I didn't know you were back. I ABSOLUTELY love all your details! So girly, cozy and fabulous!!! And those perfume bottles are so pretty :) Have a great week!

Love, Kristin
Ingrid Mida said…
These are such pretty photos!! I love what you've done to your guest room - especially the closet!! I too love vintage but prefer to buy it in person as the sizing can be really hard to judge online.
ParisBreakfasts said…
Want to trade castles?
I do :)
Yoli said…
Oh Lalita, your tastes in perfume are so similar to mine! Beautiful room and gorgeous possessions.
Francesca Muir said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous x
Mara said…
Lovely guests room, would love to sleep in there hehehehe

I more or less share your vision on fashion, though I might be slightly more addict :P

I am definately not a fashionist, though, big labels don't thrill me, but second hand shops do. And vintage....oh yes, that I love. When I was a teenager I started to collect every piece of vintage clothing my family still had around, and then I became specialist in finding them in markets, charity shops and well, vintage shops as well....
Cez said…
j'adore tous ces trésors!!!!
...et déconne pas...envoie moi vite une photo de ton atelier...surtout en bordel!!! j'adore!!
bon weekend
How fun to have a place to display your vintage treasures. I need to check out your links. I feel like I haven't connected with you in such a long time...but I haven't been blogging as often. So many distractions this time of year. Hope you have a lovely autumn, Lala.
Catherine xx

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